Sunday, June 1, 2008

Solex "Vit-Kit (quick-tune-up kit)" for the 32PHN-1 carburetor

Here's an NOS Solex 32PHN-1 carb rebuild kit. More visual reference of the original parts that early VW 1500s left the factory with.

Float needle valve, idle mixture control screw and spring. The needle valve is still in a protective cardboard tube. The needle valves and idle screws that come in aftermarket rebuild kits are usually not up to the quality standards of the Solex originals and it's usually better to reuse the old ones, but these are the real deal.

Original Solex gaskets and seals.

New aftermarket 32PHN-1 rebuild kits often come with new accelerator pump diaphragms. I'm not sure if that's just something that's missing from this kit or if newer kits started to add them as the carbs to be rebuilt were older and the accelerator pump diaphragms more prone to failure.

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