Saturday, June 21, 2008

Early Solex 32PHN carb linkage

I owe 1500 Club head honcho Jason Weigel big time. When we met up at the West Coast Classics open house he surprised me with this super early plastic 32PHN carb linkage. This part was only used up to chassis number 0 040 116 (May 1962), and my car would have come from the factory with one. Since VW recommended they be replaced with the newer metal version during service, very few of them still exist. You'd have to be an early VW 1500 geek to really appreciate how cool this thing is. It will be the crowning detail in my effort to build an ultra-correct early VW 1500 engine.

The subcontractor's logo is cast into the part. If anybody can identify the manufacturer please let me know.

Here's the early link next to its metal replacement.

Thanks Jason! I get the hint. Time to get the Ghia back on the road.

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