Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another Amazing Volkswagen

Jason Weigel had a nice surprise for 1500 Club members who attended the VW Classic this year: everyone got a reproduction of the rear window sticker that was used on the Canadian VW 1500 promotional tour of 1962. Very cool. Jason has had this sticker in the rear window of his low-mileage '63 notchback for a long time. I've always liked it. [photo by Jason via The Samba]

The Canadian VW 1500 tour has become somewhat legendary because it featured all the VW 1500 models, including both the 1500 cabriolet (Type 351) and the 1500 Ghia cabriolet (Type 341), models that never got beyond the prototype production stage. The cabriolet prototypes reportedly remained in North America when the tour was finished, so they may still be hiding somewhere up there in the Great White North. Now that would be amazing. [image "borrowed" from]

I'll put the sticker on my car when I get it back on the road, but right now it's more of a storage shed on wheels, as you can see.

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