Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008 VW Classic Weekend: Cruise to the 2008 ISP West BBQ

On Saturday we all met at a German restaurant in Huntington Beach. I caught a ride with Bob in his '62. Most of the usual suspects were there, and I met Eric Colla and Joel Berg.

Jason gives new 1500 Club member Joel's '64 notchback the once over. It's a really clean, original car.

After Dave Love and Pedro Sainz showed up we got some photos of the lineup. Then it was onto I-405 northbound, destination: ISP West.

Nothing like a line of 45 year old notchbacks driving down the freeway.

It was good to see Deena Reese's incredible unrestored safari beige 1964 Variant again. Original paint and upholstery, just a really nice car. If I was to own a 1500S again I think it would have to be safari beige.

Corey somehow talked Rob into letting him take his showroom-fresh notch for a spin. Kir told me that even she doesn't get to drive it, so Corey was very lucky indeed.

Some of the ISP West staff had their own cars on display. Here's Anthony's '66 sunroof Squareback and a 1967/68/69 Squareback in Porsche sepia brown that belongs to another ISP guy whose name I didn't catch, both looking very nice on EMPI Sprintstars.

It was nice catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Good turnout of Type 3 freaks and Sambanistas, relaxed atmosphere, great food and of course the cars. Thanks again to Alex, Anthony and the crew at ISP for another great event.

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