Sunday, June 8, 2008

2008 VW Classic Weekend: The 1500 Club at West Coast Classics

I finally made it to one of West Coast Classics' pre-VW Classic open houses. We had a little caravan going on the way there after meeting at Bob Walton's, with Bob in his late '62 notchback, Corey Bloom towing a '62 Kombi, Everett and Jennepher Barnes in their '63 15-window bus, and me bringing up the rear driving Bob's "Pepto Gizmo" '62 sunroof notch. As you might expect Pepto gets a lot of attention. Maybe a little too much. The car's return to its original anthracite gray can't come too soon for me, but as it is it's a real crowd pleaser. Nice to have a chance to drive an aircooled VW again after so long. Jason Weigel, Russell Canales, and Rick and Alex Christensen were already there when we arrived.

Bob has added a vintage accesssory Nardi wood steering wheel that looks good with the roof and decklid racks. Nice detail — an Italian accessory on a car that has spent most of its life in Italy.

Anthracite, looking good.

Rob and Kir Kingsbury's immaculately restored '64 notchback was in the showroom when we got there but Rob brought it out for a Volksworld photo shoot down the street. Nice to finally get a chance to see it up close. More photos to come in another post.

Bob's '62s on the way to the photo shoot (with Jason taking the wheel of Pepto). Russell and I decided to check out the DKP show at Nick's Burgers instead, since it was just down the road. Between West Coast Classics and DKP we saw some really incredible cars. More inspiration for me to get moving on the Ghia.

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