Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A package arrived from Belgium

Bert van der Jeught (BerT3) read my blog post about early carbs and manifolds and realized he had the early NOS intake manifold I needed, so he contacted me. Sold!

When I had to tear down my engine again after the initial rebuild due to a piston clearance problem I promised myself I'd use the opportunity to take care of something I neglected the first time around: clearing the blocked heat riser on the intake manifold. I have spent many, many hours trying to clear the carbon from my car's original manifold, and was able to clean out a lot of the 12-18 inches of solid carbon blockage (the previous owner had rigged up a manual choke that caused the engine to run way too rich for many years), but the wire cable I was using to clear it broke off inside before I was able to get to the very center. Removing the broken cable will require cutting or drilling the manifold, so it's probably best left the way it is. Everett Barnes came through with another used manifold that was also blocked, and I was about to start in on cleaning out that one when Bert contacted me. This version of the manifold was only used for about 5 months in 1962, so I didn't hesitate when the opportunity came up to buy an NOS one.

I also bought an NOS Type 34 right-side sun visor from Bert to take advantage of combined shipping. If anyone has an NOS early left side visor they would part with please let me know.


BerT3 said...

Hello Scott,

Glad you liked the manifold and visor :)
If you ever need NOS carburettor parts like a complete NOS choke piston chamber part or NOS pré heater stove valve or any other NOS part for those single carbs you know how to find me !
BerT3 from Belgium

Scott said...

I'm always surprised by the great stuff you find. You'll be hearing more from me as I make progress on the restoration!