Sunday, April 6, 2008

The 1500 Club at Bug-In 33

Cathy and I checked out Bug-In 33 at the California Speedway in Fontana today. After a 45 minute delay in the lineup to get in (the event organizers really need to rethink their setup) we hit the swap meet, where we saw Martin Serrano with a freshly scored set of concentric circle Type 3 beauty rings in hand. Not too much else in the way of Type 3 parts for sale, though Pedro Sainz picked up a bunch of fuel pump rebuild kits and a first-year-and-a-half-only large-diameter crankshaft pulley (which he passed along to me — thanks!). Pedro runs the same early pulley in his '64, so now we know why his lights are so bright. The 1500 Club was out in force: in addition to Pedro we saw Freddy Peeters (co-organizer of the European Bug-In, in from Belgium for the event), Gizmo Bob Walton, Jack Fisher (thanks for the air cleaner parts!), Russell Canales, Everett Barnes, Corey Bloom, and new member Oscar Guevara. We also got to meet Chemo Ordaz and Adriel Rowley. Then it was off to the grandstand to watch the drags. I've gotta say that the sound of drag racing does add a lot to the VW show and swap experience. Much better than the lousy fake surf music they usually have at the VW Classic.

Here are some of the stock Type 3s that attended:

Chemo's son decided he was ready to take the wheel.

I've got to get over to the European Bug-In in Chimay at some point. All this and real beer too.

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