Sunday, March 9, 2008

Solex 32 PHN sidedraft carburetors

I picked up this NOS 32 PHN carb body and used 32 PHN carb from Everett Barnes. Between the two I think I have the basis for a successful 32 PHN rebuild.

The 32 PHN was the earliest version of the Type 3 sidedraft carb and is what my Ghia originally left the factory with. As with most early Type 3s, my car's original carb was replaced at some point by a 32 PHN-1, the improved version introduced in late 1963. Everett also had a used first-year-only intake manifold, which I'll use to replace my manifold with its hopelessly blocked heat riser. That's what's been keeping the Ghia off the road — while the engine will run just fine with a blocked heat riser in a warm climate, my goal in rebuilding my engine was to undo the previous owners' compromises and improvisations, so I feel obliged to do it right and not take any shortcuts.


BerT3 said...

Hello Scott, intrested in a NOS manifold ?
Mail me if so...
Keep up the good work !

BerT3 said...

Hello Scott,

I have the type with the cast ends part # 311 129 701

I believe this is the one you need !


Scott said...

Yes, that's the one. How much are you asking for it?