Monday, April 21, 2008

Air cleaner boot and clamp

I got this used air cleaner boot and clamp from Jack Fisher.

Jack had noticed the NOS but "incorrect" 2-pleat boot on my engine and offered this used 4-pleat boot, which is the right one for an early engine.

He also had this late quick-release clamp:

It was pretty corroded but an overnight soak in Evapo-Rust cleaned it up nicely. Evapo-Rust is great stuff for de-rusting small parts. While not "correct" for an early engine, this clamp will make things a lot easier on tune-up day. I'll just have to remember to put an early screw clamp back on whenever any 1500 Club fact checkers are in the vicinity.

Thanks Jack!


Gizmo said...

LOL... 1500 Club Fact Checkers!

Scott said...

Speak of the devil...