Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fram K-96 bypass oil filter kit for VW 1500/1600

Here's an NOS accessory Fram oil filter kit for the VW Type 3 that was recently auctioned on eBay. It's an aftermarket version of the official VW accessory bypass filter that I blogged about recently. The main difference is in the flexible lines, which in the VW version were metal braided hoses, and the hose fittings, which in this version appear to be threaded compression fittings — probably an improvement over the original VW design. Other than that it's very similar to the VW kit.

The filter itself wasn't included. The kit calls for Fram P2814, which was apparently the same as the VW filter 000 091 511A, the one specified for the Type 1 and 2 version of the VW bypass filter. The seller helpfully pointed out that Fram P2814 has been superseded by the widely available Fram PH3682 — good information to have.

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