Sunday, June 10, 2007

VW Classic 2007: the Type 34s

Only four Type 34 Ghias showed up this year, the fewest in years. The highlight was Paul Kramer's all-original low-mileage '67 which Lee Hedges drove up for the day.

Nice to see a well-maintained later model Type 34. The interior is in great shape.

A nice '65 1500S from British Columbia:

A '63 with what must be original paint:

Kevin's tastefully customized 1500S from the high desert. Pedro's racks are beginning to seem inevitable!

Here's Lee on his way home for the day. Very nice car.

I met up with Tom McCaughey and Dave Whitaker to complete the exchange of NOS parts that Tom arranged to have shipped from the Philippines. Thanks again Tom! I didn't find the NOS 1500 pistons I was hoping to in the swap (or much else for that matter), but Greg Skinner offered me a set of original 1500 pistons he has that came from a low mileage '63. Looks like my Ghia is back on the road to being back on the road. It was Lee who tipped me off that Greg might have the pistons I need -- thanks again to Lee for connecting the dots. Nice to meet up with some old Type 34 friends today, and to meet others for the first time including Dave Ball, here all the way from the UK in search of parts to rebuild his '68 automatic. Dave wins the Type 34 long distance award!

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