Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oetiker clamps

Since I was placing a McMaster-Carr order I decided to get some Oetiker "ear" hose clamps.

McMaster sells Oetiker pliers too. I don't know if Oetiker hose clamps were originally used by VW or not, but my former low-mileage '65 Squareback had one section of very old fuel line when I bought it that was secured with them, and they looked old enough to be original equipment. I've always liked them.

To install them you crimp the ear, and to remove them you clip the ear off. One use only.

A much more professional solution than those hardware store screw clamps you see on most engines. I never did like the idea of using garden hose technology on a car.


Sean said...

If memory serves me, those "garden hose" clamps were designed for aircraft. They are greatly superior to what you have chosen to use.

Scott said...

Be that as it may, I've chosen to stick with the clamps that VW used when the cars were new. That's the whole point of where I'm taking my restoration.

Anonymous said...

Searching the net on old pinch-style clamps and came across this older post. Thanks for the photos..
Can't blame you for wanting to stay with an original OE appearance! Worm clamps are ugly.