Saturday, June 16, 2007

VW 1500 tool rolls

Every VW 1500 originally came with a set of basic tools. As is the case with most old cars, mine is missing its original tools, so I've slowly been collecting the tools needed to complete the kit. The contents are detailed in my well-worn English-language copy of the 1962 1500 Ghia owner's manual:

I have a complete set of tools now, but a few of the pieces are placeholders.

When I was at ISP West's pre-VW Classic event I picked up a pair of reproduction wood handled screwdrivers. I've been looking for an original pair for a long time now, but when they occasionally turn up they sell very quickly and for a lot of money. Until I find an original pair these will do. The combination wrench I currently have is a 10x13, which is correct for later Type 3 tool rolls. I'm on the hunt for the correct 8x12 wrench.

For the 1963 model year a 27mm open end wrench was added. The manual points out that it can be used to turn the spark plug socket. It was also useful for holding the generator pulley when changing the belt -- without one it would be quite a challenging job. The 8x12 combination wrench was also changed to an 8x13 for 1963. Much more useful.

[image from the Samba archives]

For 1964 the 1500S models got yet another selection of tools, including a new spark plug wrench and operating bar, a combination screwdriver replacing the two wood handled screwdrivers, and a 10x13 combination wrench. The 27mm wrench was still supplied for the 1500N models, which didn't get the new spark plug socket and bar, but it was discontinued for the 1500S.

[image from the Samba archives]

VW really should have included the 27mm wrench with all of them.

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