Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fuel pump rebuild

With the engine out of the garage I took the opportunity to rebuild the fuel pump. When I bought the car it had a Brazilian aftermarket pump fitted, but I had a OEM Pierburg fuel pump left over from my '65 Squareback restoration. I also had an old stock Pierburg Type 3 rebuild kit on hand.

I really like that fancy Pierburg diaphragm material.

The fuel pump parts cleaned up nicely.

Here's the reassembled pump with the plastic cover in place. I set the pump aside and moved on to other projects, but a week or two later there was a discussion on the mailing list about how far to depress the pump actuating lever when tightening the diaphragm cover plate screws. Tightening the cover screws with the lever in the wrong position would put more stress on the diaphragm than it was designed for, which would eventually tear it. VW had a special tool for setting it (of course), but the consensus on the list was that the lever should be depressed 14mm. I made a simple jig and retightened the cover plate at the right setting. I may have dodged a bullet there thanks to the list.

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