Sunday, November 26, 2006

Decals for 1962–63 1500 Ghias

This summer I finally got around to making reproductions of the water transfer decals found in the glove box and engine area of early 1500 Ghias. A member of the Type 34 Registry, Paul Stone, had made reproduction stickers a few years back, but they were self-adhesive stickers, not water transfers, and while he made a good attempt at recreating the artwork I didn't think they were as accurate as they could be. I wanted to make water transfers that were exactly like the original ones. I created new artwork and after a lot of looking found a silkscreen print shop that was willing to do a short run of water transfers. Here's how they turned out:

I also decided to reproduce the decal used on early Type 3 air cleaners made by the OEM supplier Knecht.

Thanks to Paul Colbert and Lee Hedges for their advice and encouragement on the decal project.


Giacomo said...

Hi, just wondering if you are able to make any more of these decals, I'd love to have one ! I'm really enjoying your blog. Greetings from Italy. Antonio

Scott said...

Hello Antonio, please send your contact information.