Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Type 3s, Ghias, and Type 3 Ghias of
Treffen 12

I caught a ride up to Treffen 12 in Oxnard, CA, today with Scott McWilliams in his '64 1500 Ghia. The last Treffen I went to was over ten years ago, back when it was for Karmann-Ghias only. It's now open to all aircooled VWs, but the focus is still on the Ghias. Here are some highlights of the show:

Mark Merrill brought his unrestored 55,000 mile lowlight Ghia. A real time capsule. The original owner lived on Catalina Island and only used the car on visits to the mainland.

Another unrestored time capsule, this one a '61 originally purchased at Van Wyk in Santa Barbara. The pacific blue/blue white color combination and the blue interior are the same as my own 1500 Ghia originally came with, right down to the turquoise wool carpet.

Lisa Meier's '58 and '64 convertibles looked great.

A very nice '64 notchback.

The Type 34 lineup, from left: Chemo Ordaz, Scott McWilliams, Lee Hedges, and Tom Reay.

Scott's '64 sunroof.

Antonio Pellegrino and Luigi Segre, grandson of the Luigi Segre of Ghia, were in attendance to present the Sartorelli Segre Elegance Cup to the finest Ghia of the show. Lee, Antonio, and David Ruby of the Karmann Ghia Club of North America were the international panel of concours judges, and the three finalists were Lisa Meier's '58 convertible, Mark Merrill's unrestored '59, and Tom Reay's '65 Type 34. Lisa's convertible took top honors.

As the Treffen was ending a very red Corvair convertible pulled up, and Lee couldn't resist parking his Ghia next to it for a photo op. Separated at birth? You be the judge.

Best of all, Scott generously allowed me to drive his Ghia on the way back to LA. A very nice car on the road, and the sunroof is a definite plus. Thanks Scott! And thanks to Scott Dempster of KGPR/Airhead Parts for hosting the show.


Rob said...

Holy cow Scott! Who did that Notch belong to???? I don't recall ever seeing that one!

Scott said...

His first name was Steve but unfortunately I didn't get his last name. The car won first place for Type 3s (not surprisingly) so it shouldn't be too hard to find out. VERY clean car!