Monday, February 19, 2007

Windshield and sheetmetal arrive

Larry Edson and Dave Whitaker dropped by on Saturday to deliver a new laminated windshield for the Ghia. Larry had generously volunteered to coordinate the shipment of a crate of new windshields from Lars Neuffer in Germany, and as if that wasn't enough he then set out from San Jose on a road trip to deliver the new windshields to owners up and down the California coast, with Dave riding shotgun. Tom McCaughey also drove up from San Diego to pick up his windshield, some sheetmetal, and other parts Larry brought for him. It soon turned into an informal swap meet as parts started changing hands.

It's great that new laminated windshields are available again. Like a lot of independently imported Type 34s, mine has always had a tempered windshield, which is not only dangerous but also completely illegal in the US. Now I won't have to worry about a rock shattering the windshield into a million pieces while I'm on the freeway.

In addition to the new windshield Larry also brought down a rear clip he had on hand. I have always known my Ghia had been rear-ended many years ago, and recently while working on the engine I discovered a rough spot under a thick coat of bondo at the right rear corner that would probably be best repaired with some replacement metal. I've been on the lookout for a relatively clean rear clip and the piece Larry had seemed like it might do the job.

Something about the clip looked really familiar.

I realized it was from the same car as a rear fender I bought from Lee Hedges in San Diego just after I bought the car in 1994. Now they're back together again after spending more than 12 years 400 miles apart, and I definitely have the sheetmetal I'll need to put things right.


Luke said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm keeping an eye on your progress. I love all VWs, and it's great that you're keeping another one on the road with such a pristine restoration.

I have a 911 that I mess around with...stop by my blog sometime:

Scott said...

Thanks Luke. Your 911 looks amazing.