Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reproduction stickers from BerT3

Bert Van der Jeught (BerT3) has done a great job making reproductions of the various silver foil stickers found on VW Type 3s. He's made a paint code sticker for virtually every Type 3 color offered from 1961–73, as well as for the oil filler location, premium fuel warning, tire pressures, 12-volt system, etc. He spared no expense producing them and paid a lot of attention to the details, so the quality is better than VW's original stickers. He even had them die cut so the paint code stickers have the correct rounded corners. Nice. I ordered paint code and oil filler stickers, so now I have another incentive to get going on the bodywork and paint.

Go to BerT3's website for all the details.

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