Saturday, May 23, 2009

There's a 345 in the neighborhood

Los Angeles has a relatively high number of Type 3s and Type 34s, but it's still quite a surprise for me to see an unfamiliar one, especially within walking distance from home. This rare Type 345 sunroof 1600 Ghia is in the lot of a local repair shop. I'm not exactly sure what year it is -- the taillights say '67 but the steering column says '68. I remember meeting a local guy many years ago who had a white late model 345 with a red interior, and it's possible this is that car. It shows signs of neglect but looks straight, solid, and relatively complete. It's currently registered. The shop was closed, so I did my best to get some shots through the fence.

I'll see if I can speak to someone at the shop to see if I can find out who the owner is and if it might be for sale.

Thanks to Jonny Lieberman for the tip.


Greg Skinner said...

Looks like the car is in for a headliner and window rubber replacement, if not a full on paint job. Maybe the sunroof is broken? Have you checked in on the car to see what's up?

Scott said...

Haven't been able to talk to anyone there yet.