Sunday, May 31, 2009

1961–63 VW 1500 upholstery fabric

Due to popular demand Bob Walton and I are getting started on a reproduction of the 1961–63 "salt and pepper" upholstery fabric. Like the 1500 Karmann-Ghia fabric, this will be a high-quality woven reproduction of the original cloth used in VW 1500 sedans and Variants in the first few years of production. It will take about 4 yards to reupholster the complete interior of a notchback with a rear seat armrest, or 3.5 yards for a notch without an armrest or a Variant.

[images borrowed from the 1500 Club website]

At this point we're trying to gauge interest. I've started a forum thread about the project on the samba, so if you're interested in buying some of this fabric please post in that thread.

To see original VW literature showing salt and pepper fabric go here.

Many thanks to Jason Weigel and Bob Walton for their advice and encouragement and to everyone who has already expressed interest.

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