Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blaupunkt radio installation kit for VW 1500/1600 Karmann-Ghia

I found this NOS Blaupunkt installation kit a while back:

It includes a speaker, mounting hardware, knobs, escutcheon, trim plate and complete installation instructions — everything you need except the antenna and the radio itself. The trim plate in particular is a sought-after part in the Type 34 community. Brand new ones almost never come up for sale. The speaker has never been unwrapped. It's been that way for 40 years so it can wait a little longer until the Ghia's finished.

Here are the installation instructions in case they're of use to anyone (click to enlarge):

Antenna template (the full size image is actual size so download with confidence):

Noise suppression instructions for AM radios:

Noise suppression instructions for FM radios:

I have a very clean used Blaupunkt Frankfurt AM/FM/SW radio that I'll install in the Ghia using this kit. Since it's a universal kit for fitting any Blaupunkt model to a Type 34 Ghia it doesn't include any parts that are specific to certain models. Those parts were included with the radio. Unfortunately that includes the chrome outer knobs seen in a Type 1 Ghia in the photo below, which I'll need for my Frankfurt:

If anyone knows where I can find these knobs please let me know!


abgwin said...

Any way I could get the dimensions of the support bracket from you? I'm installing a Frankfurt in my own Typ 34 and struggling to get the angles right.

Scott said...

Hi Austin, sure, I'll measure it and email you the info.

Kit said...


I am trying to hook up power to an identical radio. Unfortunately I can't seem to find precise instructions. The guide here says to hook up power to terminal 30 in receiver. Could you tell me what precisely that is?

I am not knowledgeable and dont' have anyone to help me with this.


Scott said...

Hi Kit,

I think all it's saying is that the power cable for the radio should be connected to terminal 30 on the car's fuse block. Here's a VW 1500S fuse block diagram identifying terminal 30:
You can see that a radio connection is indicated with a dashed line. To be on the safe side I would add an additional in-line fuse between the radio and the fuse block.