Saturday, November 24, 2007

NOS 1500 Ghia fog light relay

Paul Colbert brought the auction for this NOS 6-volt fog light relay to my attention. He wasn't sure about it, though, because while the box has the part number 211 953 225 — the correct part number according to his copy of the parts book — he noticed that the relay itself has number 211 953 191.

This reminded me of a relay discussion on the mailing list a few years back, so I searched and I found Larry Edson's post on the same subject:

"I discovered a curious fact today while digging out Ken's fog light
relay. The number of the part I pulled out didn't match the book part.
Here I had a 211 953 191 and the book was calling for a 211 953 225.
And, no this wasn't a 6v/12v difference. I couldn't imagine having a bag
with 3 of these 211... relays for anything but a T34 because I haven't
been a collector of Splitty parts. So I went out to the '62 and pulled
that one off discovering that it is the same as my others ...191. So now
I believe my eyes and not the compilers of the parts numbering lore at
VW/Karmann. I've known them to be flat out wrong before and utterly
confused on more than one occasion. So now its time to bring out the
early T34 French copy of the parts book. Sure enough, the early cars, up
to who knows when, use the 191 part."

So not only did 211 953 225 supersede 211 953 191 at some point, but VW boxed them indiscriminately too.

Thanks to Paul and Larry for helping to sort this out.


Everett said...

My low mileage '66 had the 191 relay too so it was probably used for all 6 volt Type 34s. This relay can often be located at VW swap meets if you go digging in people's boxes of relays as it was used on 6-volt Buses for many years as the emergency light relay.

Scott said...

Thanks Everett, I knew there was a Type 2 application because of the part number but I never knew what it was or how long it was used. If all 6-volt Type 34s originally had the 191 part I guess the 225 part superseded it sometime after 1966. Still, it's funny that I got a 191 part in a 225 box. They must not have been very different.