Saturday, August 4, 2007

Summer '07 road trip, part 1: Paul's NOS Ghia

We just got home from a week-long road trip that took us through four states. I made a point to try to visit a few Type 3 people along our route. The first day's destination was Reno, Nevada, so we took a slight detour up to Lake Tahoe to visit Paul Colbert. Paul has been slowly restoring his '63 1500 Ghia over the last 20+ years. It might be more accurate to say he's overrestoring it, but I mean that in the best possible way -- it's going to be better than new. Check out Paul's website for the whole story. He was lucky to get started back when NOS Type 34 parts were still relatively available, so most of what you'll see in the following photos are NOS parts.

Attention to detail is apparent everywhere you look. Vintage Marchal headlights and yellow fog light bulbs look great with the Ghia's anthracite paint.

These Karmann-Ghia badges replaced the side marker lights in some export markets including Canada. They're rare in any condition, but these are NOS.

Vintage Koni shocks all around. The front end was rebuilt with NOS parts.

A rear three-quarter view shows an Australian accessory sun shade and a Pedro Sainz luggage rack. Almost all the bumper sections are NOS, and those hubcaps and beauty rings are too, of course.

Paul has also gathered more NOS 1500 Ghia sheet metal than anyone else I know of.

Seeing Paul's Ghia up close was a real treat. Photos don't do it justice. It's going to set the standard when it's done. Thanks again, Paul, for taking the time to show it to us!

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