Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wilhelm Karmann 1500 Ghia flyer, 1961

This flyer advertising the capabilities of Wilhelm Karmann GMBH was probably distributed at the September 1961 Frankfurt International Auto Show, the 1500 Ghia's official public debut.

The photo appears to be of the same car and from the same photo shoot as the photos in the first 1500 Ghia brochure:

Judging by the lack of a left-side mirror and the position of the badges behind the door I'd say the Karmann flyer's photo has probably been flopped left-to-right. This car is apparently a pre-production prototype, as there are a number of design details visible in the brochure that were never seen on production cars. Notice how low this Ghia is -- if this car was to appear at a VW show today the judges would assume it had been lowered, but maybe this stance is what Ghia and Karmann originally had in mind.

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