Sunday, October 28, 2007

VW 1500 in the film Skaterdater, 1965

More VW 1500s in 1960s Los Angeles: I was surfing the Internet this morning and stumbled across the short film Skaterdater, which is kind of a mid-60s Southern California pre-adolescent skateboard melodrama if you can imagine that. I spotted an early notchback in one scene:

The filmmakers must have liked the car, because the framing of the shot was too carefully composed to be a coincidence. The film is well worth a watch, especially if (like me) you saw it as a kid and haven't seen it in years.

Full film (17:39, Google, poor quality video) (notchback appears at around 6:20)
First five minutes (YouTube, better quality)

[Via boingboing]

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