Friday, August 10, 2007

VW 1500 Ghia door panels

I picked up this pair of 1500 Ghia door panels when we visited Georg Stoffer in Oregon. They're not perfect but they're nicer than most 44-year-old door panels out there -- they're complete and the vinyl is in good shape, with only some slight staining in the white area. The fiberboard backing panels will need to be replaced, as is the case with most original VW door panels at this point.

The silver beige/brick red combination means they came from a '63 or '64 model. The only difference between these and the '62 version is a slightly different red color and the grain of the vinyl. Red/white interiors were only used in pearl white or black Ghias in 1962, so it's looking like the Ghia is going to be black.

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