Sunday, July 8, 2007

Factory rebuilt Type 3 engines

At the Bill and Steve's BBQ today I got a good look at the two factory rebuilt Type 3 engines they have on display. If you had your engine replaced under warranty or ordered a replacement engine from a VW dealer these are what you would have gotten. The first is a 1500 with a sidedraft carb, which was apparently built in the late '60s so it has an interesting mix of early and late parts. It's nice to see the details of how VW put things together, even though as factory rebuilt engines they can't be considered definitive examples of how the original equipment engines were set up.

The carb is a 32 PHN-1 with an SP 247 kit installed on the linkage. SP 247 was offered as an accessory to improve throttle response on the sidedraft carb, but it looks like it may have become standard equipment in later years. These engines confirm that VW did use Oetiker clamps as original equipment.

A late Knecht air cleaner with the dust warning screened right on the surface.

Short coil and fuel line retainer, and a later-style fuel pump.

The generator was wrapped with oiled paper to protect the innards from moisture and dust while in the warehouse.

Clamps as they were originally installed.

Late tin was shared with the dual-carb engines, though there are holes that go unused here.

Complete with a warranty card. No miles on this one.

They also have a dual-carb 1600 that seems to be of about the same vintage.

Again, complete with the warranty paperwork.

This one is sitting on the crate it came in.

Remember to recycle!

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