Friday, April 13, 2007

VWs on the dock, Seattle, July 1958

This great photo is another slide from Charles Phoenix's amazing archive. It shows an orderly lineup of brand new American-spec 1958 Beetles along with three dove blue Transporters, one of them a panel.

One interesting thing about the cars is that they hadn't yet been fitted with sealed beam headlight bulbs. I have always assumed that the bulbs for North American cars were installed in Europe, but this photo suggests otherwise.

The ship in the background, the Blumenau, was part of the Hamburg South America Line. Once a passenger line from Hamburg to South America (hence the name), it became mainly a cargo fleet by the mid-60s due to the increasing popularity of air travel. It makes sense that VWs would be part of the cargo it transported. I wonder how many West Coast-bound VWs got a ride on the Blumenau?

Thanks again, Charles!

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