Sunday, April 15, 2007

Front end cleanup

The POR-15 I ordered for the gas tank didn't arrive before the weekend, so I decided to take some time to clean up everything below the tank while it's easy to get to.

This gave me a chance to check on the condition of the various front end parts. Generally, the rust isn't bad (superficial surface rust here and there) but many rubber parts need replacement. I need to put a new steering coupler on the shopping list for sure. Note the three pieces of white cloth tape that held the windshield washer tube in place at the top of the image. Is that how Karmann did it? Probably so.

If the rusty patina is any indication I'd say this Boge steering dampner is the one that came with the car.

The position of the fuel line in relation to the frame tunnel marks this as an early pan. The fuel line was relocated up and out of harm's way in April 1963 (chassis #0176350). Likewise, the master cylinder and its associated brake lines got a stone shield beginning at chassis #0111150, in November 1962.
In general, '62 models tend to live a little more dangerously.

Next week the gas tank goes back in and hopefully I'll be able to start it up.

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