Sunday, December 3, 2006


Things are starting to come together. The oil cooler, distributor, fuel pump, and crankcase breather stand are in place. I used Gasgacinch on the paper gaskets to minimize leaks.

I found an NOS '62 oil cooler at Bill and Steve's in Downey, California. They used to have a box full of them, but I think I got their last one. Bill and Steve's was the center of the Type 3 universe in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Now it's just a good neighborhood auto parts store that specializes in aircooled VWs, which is becoming a rare thing these days. They still have a small display case of hard-to-find Type 3 parts. Yes, I forgot the carb return spring bracket. I realized it as I was taking the photos.

I cleaned up the F&S clutch disk and pressure plate and reinstalled them. They are date stamped 1989 and the previous owner had them installed in 1992 according to her records. The car has only traveled about 5000 miles in the last 14 years, so they're almost new.

The heat exchangers are installed and the newly powder coated tin is in place. The next step will be to install the fan housing so I thought I'd get a shot of the early case's part number while I had the chance. Won't be seeing it again for long while.

Or so I thought. While I was installing the rear half of the fan housing the threads in the case stripped when I tightened the left mounting bolt. Tapping the hole deeper and using a longer bolt failed too. It's helicoil time.

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