Friday, December 1, 2006

International Auto Parade, 1962

I'm a sucker for those old auto catalogs from the '50s and '60s that show every car available in the world in any given year, including Automobile Year, Automobile Revue, World Cars, and International Auto Parade (a.k.a. Auto-Universum). They tend to follow a standard format that consists of a general overview of the automotive year with articles about new trends, detailed reviews of particularly notable models, and postcard images of the cars of the world accompanied by technical specs, interspersed with lots of full color ads. I try to pick these up whenever they're cheap.

The dust jacket of the 1962 issue of Auto Parade featured the new VW 1500.

Here are the new 1500s along with a Type 1 Ghia in the same issue. Ruby Red seems to have been the color of the year. For some reason the 1500 Ghia didn't appear until the next issue in 1963.

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