Monday, January 18, 2010

Gauges sent out for restoration

I took the gauges to North Hollywood Speedometer today. They tested the tach and it's in good working order, so it only needs cosmetics. They're going to make a new glass for it to replace the cracked original—either CNC etched or silkscreened scale and VDO logo—and will replace the late silver-finish escutcheons with early brass parts from donor gauges. The speedometer needs calibration but otherwise tested o.k., and it will get a cosmetic restoration along with the fuel gauge and speaker grille. I'm going to hold off on having the clock restored for now because North Hollywood Speedometer doesn't repair old Kienzle clock works, they replace them with modern quartz movements instead. I'd rather see if I can get the original clock working again myself. I'm not planning on installing it anyway since I have the tach, but I would eventually like to have it restored and ready to go.

When I was there one of the guys showed me a work in progress, a beautiful reproduction VDO Type 3 tach built from a clock housing. It didn't have any graphics on it yet but the needle and other details looked perfect. I told them it was probably being built for someone I know—so who is it?

The fabrication work on the tach will take longer than their usual turnaround, but they say I should have everything back in a month or two.

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