Sunday, October 11, 2009

Factory-style key tags

Jeff Grant (a.k.a. "Anchovy" on has started offering these cool reproduction aluminum key tags stamped to order with your VIN for just $12.

When VWs were originally delivered the keys came with an identifying tag like this. Our '65 Squareback's keys still had their original tag—lucky for us, as most were discarded by the original owners. Though the tags became increasingly thin and more crudely stamped as the years went on, the '58 tag Jeff modeled his reproduction on was cut in a nicely rounded shape from heavy-gauge aluminum.

It's the perfect key fob for your set of original keys. Go here to order yours.


Andy H said...

Cool Scott - I got some of these as well for both my cars recently!

Microbus said...

Hey Scott, thanks for posting this. I have turned this project over to my son. Under my watchful eye you get the same high quality. His user name is "Inky Ford", the ad link is the same.