Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Type 3 floor pans

After much discussion and debate it looks like Gerson of Klassic Fab is getting started on making dies for reproduction Type 3 floor pans. They should be available for purchase by the beginning of next year—$500 + shipping for a pair of complete pan halves. This is great news for Type 3 restorers. Until now our options have been to track down a donor pan or pan sections that are hopefully less rusty than what we already have, to adapt sections of Type 1 Karmann-Ghia pan sheet metal, or to use pan repair stampings of somewhat questionable quality that are sporadically available. Labor-intensive and/or costly endeavors all.

Gerson's shop hand-fabricated the pan half pictured above for his own notchback project.

Klassic Fab has become famous for producing high-quality sheet metal stampings for VW Buses. The quality and accuracy of their products are regarded as second to none. I'll be buying a set of these pan halves for the Ghia as soon as they're ready. If we're lucky these will be the first of many Type 3 stampings to come from Klassic Fab.

Read the Samba forums discussion of reproduction Type 3 pans here, and Greg Skinner's impassioned Type 3 Floor Pan Manifesto here.

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