Friday, July 24, 2009

1500 Ghia interior lights

I got this used Hella interior light (343 947 111) from BerT3 recently. It's in nice shape with only the slightest indication of age. This part was used in all Type 34 Ghias except 1969 models, which for some reason got a one-year-only Type 34-specific light. '69 owners have some unique challenges.

Franck Boutier and Lee Hedges have found that Stoddard, a Porsche parts supplier, offers a very nice reproduction of this light for a reasonable price. Apparently it was also used in certain 356s.

My early VW 1500 parts book says that this same light, 343 947 111, was used in the trunk of the 1500 Ghia, but my later parts book calls for a Type 1 part, 151 947 111 A. My Ghia's apparently original trunk light doesn't have a switch, so they must have started using the Type 1 light earlier than the parts book indicates.

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