Saturday, February 14, 2009

1961-64 1500 Ghia upholstery fabric reproduction

I just received swatches of the red and cerulean 1500 Ghia cloth reproduction, and they look great. They were able to match the original colors perfectly. It was worth the wait.

This cloth will be available in the next few weeks in red, silver (gray), and cerulean (blue). It's the closest thing to the original Karmann cloth that you'll ever find.


Greg Skinner said...

Looks outstanding! I just got my car back today, so am looking to move on this as soon as it's available. I'd like six yards of the silver, please.


Scott said...

Thanks Greg! Six yards of silver, got it. I'll be in touch when the yardage arrives.

Meny said...

Hello Scoot I was looking for these kind of material I have 1961 silver withe Karman ghia And I need this cloth How can I contact you to get more information?

Scott said...

Hi Meny, I no longer have any yardage, but I think the manufacturer still does. Contact SMS Auto Fabrics ( and send a photo of the silver material to be sure they understand what you're looking for. Regards, Scott