Thursday, February 7, 2008

Goetze engine gasket set for 1961–62 VW 1500s

I picked up this NOS gasket set not to actually use but as a reference for what seals were originally installed on the earliest 1500s. Goetze was an OEM supplier to VW, so these are the same gaskets they actually came from the factory with. As the box says, this set is for 1500s up to engine number 0 065 745 (August 1962 — interestingly the box label has the date code "1261", which suggests that the engine changes that came in August were already planned by late 1961). Under another warehouse inventory sticker I found a ROKA label with the VW part number 311 198 007.

It's not 100% complete and some of the gaskets are probably beyond usability, but they're still a good reference for original gasket types and materials. The following is an inventory of what's in the box with their respective VW part numbers.

Pushrod tube seals (113 109 345 A) and early-style rocker stud seals (113 109 449 A, used through engine number 0 672 697):

Rubberized cork valve cover seals (113 101 483 B):

Case/cylinder gaskets (311 101 341) masquerading here as an Audi logo:

Clockwise from top left, gaskets and seals for the breather support (113 101 219), oil filler pipe (311 115 315 A), flywheel (113 105 279), crankshaft pulley (311 105 267 A), oil pressure relief valve (N 13 817 1), oil drain plug (N 13 815 2), and oil strainer cover (113 115 189 A):

Top, oil pump cover (111 115 131 A), and bottom, oil pump body (111 115 111 A):

Left to right, intake manifold seals (N 13 823 1, metal crush rings like a 40-horse), carburetor flange gasket (311 129 799), distributor shaft seal (111 905 261), and fuel pump gaskets (113 127 311):

Gaskets for the exhaust flanges (111 251 261 B, missing two of the four) and pre-heater pipe (left side, 111 251 263 A, and right side, 113 251 261):

There should also be two asbestos exhaust sealing rings, but they're long gone.

Finally, there are two washers. The left one is a 14mm diameter stud seal washer (N 13 830 1, there should be two of them).

The one on the right is a bonded metal/rubber washer (approx. 24mm o.d. and 15mm i.d.) that I'm not familiar with. I have a feeling it doesn't actually belong to this set — if anyone knows what it is please let me know.

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