Saturday, January 19, 2008

NOS Beck tune-up kit for Bosch ZV/JCU 4 R 3 distributor

I paid a visit to Martin Serrano today and along with a big stack of early Type 3 hubcaps I picked up this cool NOS tune-up kit from the U.S.-based foreign auto parts distributor Beck:

Never mind the nonsense printed on the package (1964 Fastback?), this combination of points and condenser will only work on the rare Bosch ZV/JCU 4 R 3 distributor for 1964 1500S engines.

Beck rebranded the Doduco points and Bosch condenser:

Martin also showed me his NOS copy of the 1966 Beck VW Type 3 catalog, which listed Type 3 accessory overriders and Type 34 tail lights among other rarities. An American parts catalog specific to Type 3s — quite a find.

[illustration from a 1959 Beck all-makes catalog]

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