Saturday, September 8, 2007

Round Hazet tool kit for the VW 1500

When the VW 1500s were introduced Hazet offered a new round tool kit designed specifically for them. Unlike the more common round tool kits for the Type 1 and Porsche 356, which were held in place on the spare wheel by the hub cap clips, the 1500 tool kit was designed to simply fit inside the spare wheel unsecured -- necessary because the new 1500 wheel design eliminated the clips. The case of the 1500 kit is considerably larger than the Type 1 kit and is made of plastic instead of steel. They're pretty rare, so I'm very lucky to have found one on eBay last year.

The tools themselves are in good, almost unused condition, though they are slightly rusted from humidity. Most of them still have their original Hazet water decals.

Wrenches in the kit include a 27mm open end, 13mm combination (Hazet 600), 10mm/14mm (450), 9mm/11mm (450), and 7mm/8mm (450):

Screwdrivers include a large and small flat blade (811-6 and 813-2) and a large and short Phillips (814-3 and 814-2):

Slip-joint pliers (760) and combination pliers (1850-6):

And from left to right below, a special 17mm hex head/21mm box-end oil plug wrench (2567), lug wrench (772), spark plug removal tool, and 13mm socket (2527):

Other than the 760 pliers I'm sure these are the original tools that came in the kit. This contents list from a 1963 Hazet catalog differs slightly, though, and also includes a point file, Hazet 2125, that my kit doesn't have but maybe should:

[This catalog image and the one at the top of the post from Anchovy via The Samba forums]

The page below, from the official VW accessory catalog, shows both the VW 1500 kit, which fit Type 3 VWs up through the 1965 model year (bottom), and the universal kit that would fit both the Type 1 and for 1966 and newer Type 3s (top). The list of contents for the 1500 kit is consistent with the tools mine has; there's no mention of the point file.

The kit I have, with the VW logo and "1500" molded into the case, is the version offered by VW dealers, but there was also a version of the same kit sold by Hazet labeled "Tourist 2".

Here it is in its native environment:

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