Thursday, March 1, 2007

Journalists visit the Karmann assembly line, 1962

Karmann apparently opened its doors to journalists in 1962, and several magazines ran stories about the coachbuilder in 1962 and early 1963. These articles coincided with the 1500 Karmann-Ghia's debut, so some of the accompanying photos show 1500 Ghias on the production line. What's interesting about these photos is that they show that the various models being produced at Karmann at the time -- the VW 1200 convertible, 1200 Ghia, 1200 Ghia convertible, 1500 Ghia, and for a short time the 1500 Ghia convertible, in addition to Porsche bodies -- moved randomly down the line, rather than being grouped by model.

Car and Driver's Karmann feature ran in January 1962, so the photos would have been taken in late 1961, before 1500 Ghia production was up to speed.

Road & Track ran this photo of a freshly stamped 1500 Ghia rear fender in its February 1963 article:

Safer Motoring also ran a Karmann tour feature in February 1963...

...which included this shot of a sea of 1500 Ghias waiting to be shipped to their destinations:

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