Monday, January 8, 2007

VW 1500 sports specials

From the November 1961 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine. This article and some of the others I've posted are from a lot of newspaper and magazine clippings about VWs that I bought years ago from the estate of an automotive journalist. I'm not the one that tore them out!


Big Dee said...

Found your website through Jalopnik...I'm a 1965 Notchback 1500s owner myself, also in L.A., NE area, near CalState LA.

I've been in "restoring" my Notch for about 7 years a semi-custom state...raised spindle knuckles, to lower the car, Porsche Fuchs and was blueprinting a Type 4 motor to through in...that's on definite hold.

But keep the updates coming!

Scott said...

Hey Big Dee,

Your notch sounds like it's going to be nice once you get it going. With a Type 4 motor it'll have some real performance. I'm afraid my Ghia's performance is going to be a little on the "vintage" side, if you know what I mean, so I'm a little envious!